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"Linda Welk is a outstanding professional who focuses on details and makes sure projects are completed on time.  Her enthusiasm to dive into any challenge that is presented to her will provide you with confidence that a task or project will be done exactly as requested.  I've had the pleasure to know her since 2008, I have witnessed the high level professionalism and commitment that comes when she works with clients.  I would highly recommend her to evaluate, set up a plan of action and to complete any project/task that is asked of her."
You rock!!  
Sheila McClain, B.A.,C.C.M.

Fyntoon Solutions


Together, Achieving Results, not excuses!

"Linda has been our business associate / consultant for several years. I first met Linda at an association meeting and was very impressed with her knowledge in her field and her business suggestions for our company. She has been a part of our growth and I highly recommend Linda for your company. She is extremely friendly, outgoing, innovative, and responsive."


John Rodriguez

Excaliber Investigations, Inc.

Owner / CEO

"I have worked with Linda on several projects and continue to work with her on an on-going basis.  She is extremely trustworthy, organized, and efficient. She communicates well on many mediums such as email, telephone, text and messaging.  Communication to my contacts are performed in a highly professional manner.  In addition, Linda has knowledge of many tech tools and programs.Tasks always meet or exceeds deadlines.  I would recommend her to organizations looking to increase their reach and/or are looking to delegate tasks to a professional."


Shawnna Weber

Edgewood Business Solutions

Business Owner, Accounting Executive