Task Support

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Outsourcing will free up your valuable time
  • No overhead costs involving payroll
  • No workers compensation insurance
  • Our team is available on an as-needed basis
  • Our team is dependable
  • Our team is prompt, efficient, organized, professional and confidential

Comprehensive Administrative Support

Task Support

Residential Construction Support

Business Consulting & Bookkeeping Services

This division of our company offers individuals who have basic tasks to handle - call it the "To Do" list, if you will. We have found in assisting so many wonderful individuals throughout the years that some are looking mainly for an assistant to handle items such as confirming appointments, calendaring, searching travel options, making reservations, ordering flowers - that kind of thing. For this type of service we offer three specific packages.

The tasks that fall in this category of assistance would be as follows - as a few were mentioned above: calendaring; making/confirming appointments; searching for travel options/dining establishments/schools/events and such; ordering flowers and the list options are wide open.  Simply ask!

Note:  Each task is allotted 15 minutes. If one specific tasks is a bit more detailed, it may be necessary to use another task. If that is the case - the second task will be spit, according to how much time was used.

Packages are as follows:

Task per month - 5


Task per month - 15


Task per month - 30


Corporate packages available upon request 50 @ $175, 100 or more tasks (utilized by multiple executives)- almost unlimited $399!